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International Conference International Conference International Conference on Community Empowerment- Coping, Resilience and Hope (14 to 16 December, Hyderabad, India) Conference Venue Marigold By Greenpark Hotel Address: Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA 500016 Website: Route Map - from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to Marigold By GreenPark : Click here for Directions Route Map - from Secunderabad Railway station to Marigold By GreenPark : Click here for Directions Route Map - from...
International Conference on Community Empowerment,  Coping, Resilience and  Hope (14 - 16 Dec 2014) International Conference on Community Empowerment, Coping, Resilience and Hope (14 - 16 Dec 2014) Organised by CARPED and The Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice Inc.   Call for Posters, Papers and Multi Media (Closes 30th July 2014)
Forced hysterectomies, unscrupulous doctors Forced hysterectomies, unscrupulous doctors Consider this chilling statistic: In the last two years, in various states of India, more than 30,000 women were reported to have undergone hysterectomies In 2011, 16,000 women opted for hysterectomies in Bihar; doctors performed about 7,000 uterus removal surgeries over a period of 30 months in Chhattisgarh, while a total of 11,000 such procedures were done over a period of two years in Andhra Pradesh. Not only is this sudden rise in hysterectomies deeply worrying, even more serious is the fact...
Mera Naam Joker tha! Mera Naam Joker tha! Navin Pivhal With no support from the government and with decreased numbers of patrons, the future of the artistes displaying awesome feats with effortless ease appears bleak. This is one tightrope walk that they cannot do easily and win applause Rajkapoor’s Mera Naam Joker, released in 1970, gave us some insights into the goings-on under the big top, with the Hindi film’s theme being how jokers drown their sorrows to make others laugh. Today, those at the helm in circus companies rue the decline...
Where are all the philanthropists? Where are all the philanthropists? Hyderabad is a rich city, but unfortunately, there are very few individuals who are willing to share their wealth. There are innumerable students who, if given a chance to study further will make a mark. A conservative estimate says the City could do with at least couple of hundred scholarships instituted by rich philanthropists or institutions for poor but brilliant students. M Vinod has always been a brilliant student who scored 965/1000 in cialis online his Intermediate and 637/700 in his ICSE....

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Medak 2015-05-13 - Medak District Medak district is one of the most backward districts of Andhra Pradesh characterized by low literacy and high incidence of poverty. Agriculture is the major source of livelihood and economy in the district engaging more than 80% of the main workers. Only one fifth (22.8%) of the cropped area is irrigated. Only source of irrigation being from less assured sources like tanks and open wells makes agricultural highly vulnerable. As a result half of district's population (49.2%) are below poverty line. Percentage of population below poverty line for the state is 22.19% indicating the extent of underdevelopment of Medak compared to the state. Three fourths of those below poverty line are agricultural labourers indicating the lack of non farm sources of employment. Medak has a low female literacy rate in the state next only to Mahabubnagar. Female literacy rate is 19.3% according to 2001 census data against the state average of 32.7%. Overall literacy rate for entire district population is 53.24% against state average of 61.11 %. Literacy rate of rural areas is 26.9%, with female literacy being still lower at 13.8%. Educational backwardness of the area is also reflected in the low percentage (28%) of children in the 5-14 age group attending school. Medak has the highest primary school dropout rate (66.51%) in the state of Andhra Pradesh with the enrolment rate is as low as 32.72%. Besides, a large proportion (48%) of the children not attending the school in the 10-14 age group are wo... MORE DETAIL




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Jaago, AIDS Jaago, AIDS Jaano from Carped -Part 1 Jaago, AIDS Jaano from Carped -Part 2

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The main objective of the organization is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on

sustainable natural resource management. Thus community participation, education, protection and promotion of environment and social capital are central to the activities of the organization.

Emphasis on children and environment are major areas of attention of CARPED's action research interventions that provide space for the participation and engagement of the stakeholders in analysis and change of the conditions forming the milieu of the people with whom CARPED works.

Thus the target group are the partners in the interventions and the important stakeholders. CARPED emphasizes on making policies more people oriented.


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Vanam Vanam Vanam-A bi-monthly Telugu journal A bi-monthly Telugu journal focused on issues...
Paryavarana Vidya Paryavarana Vidya Paryavarana Vidya - mukya abhyasanaalu First comprehensive handbook in Telugu...
Policy in Wilderness Policy in Wilderness Policy in Wilderness - a glimpse into tribal life and governance in agency...

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