Child Rights

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Child Rights

The universalization of elementary education stands as one of CARPED’s primary focuses, closely aligned with our commitment to promoting child rights. This commitment encompasses the advancement of elementary education via both day and evening centers. These centers play a pivotal role in motivating parents and marginalized children, particularly girls, to enroll in government schools and hostels.

CARPED’s impactful efforts have resulted in enrolling approximately 3000 children from Kowdipally mandal into government schools since 1998. Additionally, our initiatives extend to combating child labor and addressing child marriages. Furthermore, CARPED has been dedicated to implementing diverse programs aimed at enhancing nutrition and healthcare for both mothers and children. These programs include immunization initiatives, birth registration drives, as well as regular pre- and postnatal examinations within Kowdipally Mandal.

Concurrently, we have undertaken initiatives to improve sanitation facilities and access to clean drinking water within villages. This improvement has been facilitated through collaborative efforts with the government.