Magnitude of hysterectomies in Medak

Magnitude of hysterectomies in Medak

The first report in India based on empirical study identifying hysterectomised women covering entire mandal in Medak.

The report with 760 women in a mandal exposed high magnitude of hysterectomies coercing even young women into unnecessary surgeries. 

40% of the women were Lambadas and 80% of the women were below 40 years of age. 97% of the surgeries were performed in Private health care facilities including quacks and clinics. The findings of the study, later helped many organizations take up similar studies in many of the states.

The report helped to delist hysterectomies from Aarogyashree health insurance scheme. First time, there was action taken against errant doctors.

 Entire research, study and media briefings was with CARPED’s own resources. Won Polestar Special Award in the Social Impact category 2018, and 4th AmeriCares India Spirit of Humanity Awards 2013 – Certificate of Merit in recognition of outstanding contribution towards health care for society in the women’s health category