NRM Environment Protection and Education

Community Management of Forest (JFM/ CFM / PFM)

CARPED implemented awareness programmes to promote community participation in the joint forest management (JFM) programme in Kowdipally Mandal. Self-help groups have been trained in micro planning methods, protection and value addition of minor forest produce.

CARPED also aims at the development of natural resource management practices with community participation for food and livelihood security of the poor. Promotion of livelihoods of rural poor based on natural resource management are in ten villages of the Mandal. Activities include tank restoration, repairs and related interventions through self-help groups and local people’s contribution. Training to farmers, promotion of sustainable NRM methods, field visits and collective action of the SHGs are important components of CARPED’s NRM and environmental programmes.


Village forest protection committees have been effective models for the community in the district in the area of participatory forest management and protection of the natural resources.

  • Water Users Associations
  • Livestock Management
  • Farmers’ Groups

CARPED is dedicated to providing environment education to school children in government schools, as well as training programs for teachers. This is achieved through the development and supply of environmental educational (EE) materials. Resource centers have been established in one cluster of schools in Kukatpally, and three clusters of schools in Kowdipally Mandal (Medak), which contain a library of books and posters to disseminate information on environment and protection. The EE program has been implemented in twenty schools in Hyderabad and thirty schools in Medak. EE materials are published and widely circulated among government schools throughout the state.

CARPED is recognized for its pioneering efforts in developing EE materials in Telugu and providing training to the teaching community in EE.