Review of Strategies for Combating Trafficking in Women & Children in the state

Review of Strategies for Combating Trafficking in Women & Children in the state

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Centre for Good Governance and Women Development and Child Welfare,. AP

To analyze the actual implementation of the Government policies and interventions and field realities of G.O.Ms No.1 in six districts selected as sample areas representing three regions of the state. (Rayalseema, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh)

Aims to evaluate the working community vigilant groups / anti-trafficking groups and communities and the impact of their formation on the villagers and their achievements. The study also focuses on gaps in the implementation of the anti-trafficking policy of the state and recommends suitable remedies.

The assignment is limited to study trafficking in women and children (girls) for sexual exploitation.
Data collection took place from the district offices of Women & Child Welfare department about specific interventions in the district and implementation of G.O.Ms.No.1 and by conducting Focus Group Discussions with different groups.

The methodology adopted for the study is essentially a blend of primary and secondary sources of information. Interviews with the Project Directors of Women & Child Welfare agencies (District offices), focused group discussions with the adolescent girls, victims, village elders, representatives of ICDS, women and members of the Panchayat essentially constituted the field work. Efforts have also been made to collect data from websites, publications, reports, and journals of a large number of agencies and NGOs engaged in addressing trafficking issues at micro level.