Scholarships / Stipends

Charity activities are taken place around the world.

Scholarships / Stipend

With the support of the executive committee of CARPED. We also supported few people like poor sportspersons, writers, students, who eke out the life with many hardships.

21 years old R. Sridevi, a national handball player from Warangal District, represented AP in 30 events and has won 6 medals, she captained AP team 4 times and has been chosen as the state’s best handball player by the state government as many as 10 times, yet she worked as a domestic servant in two houses for Rs. 500 per month., till CARPED supported with a monthly stipend of Rs. 3000 for one year and now Sridevi stops sweeping and mopping and concentrates on her game.

“I thought that, I would end up as a domestic help, but the positive response from the people gave me a new hope in life and my sporting career. I would like a job that would give me an opportunity to continue my love for the game and represent the country” – R. Sridevi

A student pursuing Medicine is supported from the individual donations.

Internship for International students is for Cross cultural learning in development issues

CARPED and reputed universities in India and abroad have been engaged in facilitating students from developed and developing countries in understanding and promotion of development issues. Youth are provided internship by CARPED to learn from field studies in a variety of development issues focused on child rights, elementary education, participatory natural resource development, tribal development, health etc. These youth engage in three months to a year and learn from fieldwork.

Besides, CARPED was part of the AIESEC’s Learning Partners programme to sensitize AISEC’s members on development issues and the role of NGOs and civil society. This consists of periodic lectures, dialogue, and field exposure programmes for student youth of Hyderabad.

CARPED facilitated cross cultural understanding and participatory research since 1999. Mr. Christoph from Switzerland supported by Intercooperation and a Swiss University and Ms. Christine a French social scientist have earlier studied scope and approaches of marginalized communities in the area of livelihoods based on forests and natural Resource Management.